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HortiVoc is a comprehensive, standardized, structured and controlled ontological model covering terminologies from all aspects of Indian horticulture. It is an initiative to compile the terminologies of horticulture at one place, covering as many as 30 crops at present. It contains nearly 8000 terms covering the major facets of horticulture: Crop Production, Crop Protection, Crop Improvement, Soil Science and Soil Microbiology, Biochemistry and Plant Physiology, Postharvest Management, Environmental Science, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Extension, Crops and their Varieties

HortiVoc is based on KrishiVoc 1.0 which was created at IIT Kanpur and was validated by a team of experts at University of Agricultural Sciences, Raichur (UASR). It is supported by Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Govt. of India.

The present effort is a small step towards fulfilling the demand of present age, and it is hoped that it shall go a long way to bring the benefit of semantic technology and to investigate the possibility of automatically generating knowledge products in agriculture. Application of semantic technology provides for the intelligent retrieval of information with great accuracy and reliability.